Ape-X Apparel is a Canadian-based Company that was established in 2019.

We pride ourselves on hard work, as we believe it is the root of all success. Our goal is to provide clothing that symbolizes our core values of work ethic,
progression, and the mindset to never give up. 

We are more than a fitness brand, as we want to inspire you to accomplish your
goals, encourage you to discover your true potential and take on any challenges
that come your way.

We want to build a community where people not only push themselves,
but motivate the others around them to become the best version of themselves.

We are building a movement towards bettering yourself in every aspect of life, and the people around you.

We hope that you feel motivated by representing Ape-X Apparel
and let us become a part of your journey.


To build a community of hard working individuals who are devoted to progression. REACH GREATER HEIGHTS™️

Ape-X Apparel